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Demar Dahl for Elko County Commission


This is the official website of Demar Dahl's campaign for Elko County Commission, 2008.

Our Candidate

Demar Dahl and his wife Lora live on a cattle ranch in Elko County.  Demar has been active in his community and has served on many committees, boards and commissions over the years.

From airport advisory boards to district and state grazing boards, Demar has served in many different areas.  He served, for instance, on the Fox Peak Paiute Shoshone Economic Development Board and on the Bush-Cheney transition team.  He was a past president of the Nevada Cattlemen’s Association and served on the Nevada State Environmental Commission.   He was a charter member of the Federal Lands Conference and a board member for Mountain States Legal Foundation.

In 1992 Demar was the republican candidate for United States Senate running against now majority leader in the Senate, Harry Reid.

Demar has had a number of livestock operations starting with a ranch in western Nevada in 1969.  He and Lora now run cattle on a ranch in Lincoln and White Pine Counties, along with their ranch in Starr Valley, which was bought in 1977.  Starr Valley is where Demar was raised as a boy.

There have been other business ventures besides livestock in his background.  In the 1980’s Demar bought a block plant from the Leslie Salt Company in Union City, California and moved it to Elko for manufacturing livestock supplements which then were distributed all over the West.

Starting in 1994 and to the present, Demar has been involved in property development in Churchill County, Nevada, both residential and commercial. 

Demar stated, upon announcing his candidacy for County Commissioner in Elko County, that he thought he had enough experience and common sense to be of some service to the people of Elko County.

If you agree, he would appreciate your vote on August 12th.

Demar Dahl * Box 67 * Deeth, Nevada 89823

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