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The Issues

Here we will highlight the key issues of the campaign.

A couple of questions have surfaced reflecting the concern a few people have about Demar’s candidacy.  We asked Demar for a response to these questions.  Here are the question and his answers:

Q.  Since you have properties outside of Elko County that you spend time on, is your residency really Elko County?

A.  Yes it is.  I moved back to Elko County in 1977 when I bought the ranch we have in Starr Valley today.  Since that time I have had other ranches outside of Elko County but I have also had other ranches inside Elko County.  Starr Valley has always, since 1977, been my headquarters.  Since 1977 it’s where I vote, where I am in the jury pool, and where the IRS considers my primary residence.

Q.  If you are elected to the Commission will you have time to fill all of your committee assignments and do everything else that is required of a Commissioner?

A.  Yes I will.  At this point in my life I am able to choose where I spend my time.  I did my homework before making the decision to run for the Commission.  Had I determined that I didn’t have the time to serve at 100%, if elected, I never would have announce my candidacy.

I want to do what I can to keep Elko County a great place to live.  Strong industries and a good business environment insure good jobs which provide the life style I think we want in Elko County.

I believe the County Commission is the first line of defense in protecting our natural resources for the benefit of the people of Elko County.

A County Commissioner should be prepared to devote what ever time is necessary to do the job properly.  If elected I pledge to do just that.


Text of candidate submission to Elko Daily Free Press:


When I decided to become a candidate for the Elko County Commission there were a number of things that influenced my decision.


First is the moral imperative that all of us have who live in a free society to participate in the political process.  If we have the means that will allow us the time, and if we have useful experience that gives us good judgment, then we should serve.  Also, I think this is an exciting time to be a citizen of Elko County and be a part of the growth and development that will surely continue and probably accelerate.


It is my belief that as we go on to meet our challenges and see our quality of life continue to improve, there is something important we should remember.  Great things are not accomplished by government.  In fact, most great things, like strong families, good jobs and lots of jobs, better health care and education, advancements in transportation, energy development, improved technology, and nearly everything else flourishes with minimal

government intervention.


While I believe the county should involve itself in the affairs of its citizens as little as possible, I do think it has an important roll in protecting the natural resources of the county for the benefit of the citizens of Elko County, both present and future.  The county should encourage the renewed activity in oil and gas exploration in Elko County and be a support and an advocate for the industries and businesses that make our economy work.   It must continue to support mining, ranching tourism and recreation while keeping an environment friendly to business.   Good jobs, a good place to do business and abundant recreation translate into a good quality of life for the citizens of Elko County.     


If I can be of some help in administering the affairs of the county and keeping it what it has traditionally been, a county guided by conservative principles with policies that reflect the common sense of its citizens, then that is something I want to do.    


I have had many years of the kind of experience that will help keep Elko County a great place to live and help it prosper.   I believe my experience and common sense approach to government can be of some benefit to Elko County.  If you agree, please vote for me on August twelfth.


We may also include a link to download our position papers on this page.

Demar Dahl * Box 67 * Deeth, Nevada 89823

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